Staintune Pipe Install!

1 Min Sound Clip of Stock pipe .mp3 1.2meg
Some Sound Clips of Staintune pipe .mp3 207K
  .mp3 158K
  .mp3 234K
  .mp3 3meg
Here are a couple of recordings of my bike with Staintune exhaust. The last one was recorded in a 60Km/H zone in suburban Melbourne, with the mike taped to the pannier rail (5 minutes long!). This is not unlike the "real" sound, but the mike was very close to the pipe. The others are recordings of me accelerating from rest. The mike was hand held. This hasn't come out as well as I hoped - in real life the sound is "bassier" with more presence. -Fossil Fred

Pps. - FYI, MCN Online performed an installation
of a Remus pipe (Genesis carbon fiber).
Click here to go to the article.

Ppps. - Click here to check out my Remus Genesis Titanium pipe install.

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