Remus Titanium Pipe Install!

1 Min Sound Clip of Stock pipe .mp3 1.2meg
A note about the recordings...
1 minute Sound Clip of Remus pipe .mp3 1.2meg
before remus
after remus
The installation: Overall it was pretty easy - took about an hour for me and I was very casual installing it (see shadow above!). I'd bet it could take as little as 25 minutes. Everything went together pretty well, although the bolt that holds the rear section of the pipe on was not aligned as well as it could be. It is still very secure, but upon close inspection, you can tell the angle isnt quite right. I considered bending the Remus mount, but didn't feel it was really necessary.

I only installed the Remus titanium pipe section - the rest is stock. Perhaps that will be upgrade #2 when I have $500 to burn!

My reactions: The pipe sounds nice. It definitely gives the bike a bit more throat, low-end noise, and overall volume. It is not significantly different in any of those areas, but it is enough of a difference for it to be interesting. Some have claimed double digit HP increases with Remus pipes. I am not in tune enough with changes in HP to agree with that statement, but I can say it was a bit easier to get the front end up - I did it twice today on hard accellerations from stop lights, and that does not usually happen. I cannot say that it is a huge difference in power, and it may just be me, but it seems that high gear, low rev acceleration might have suffered a smidgen - no big deal. The looks, sound and arguable mid range increase in power justifies what little negativity I noticed up high. I'm not taking it off anytime soon. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it is noticeably lighter than the stock pipe.
close up remus

Ps. - Notice difference in the rear seat height? That's the "comfort" rear seat. It's added height is really nice because it gives your rear a place to rest against during hard acceleration, and supports your back a little. The front section is standard height.

Pps. - MCN online also performed an installation
of a Remus pipe - Genesis carbon fiber.
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Ppps. - Click here to check out some StainTune sound files and a picture.

A note about the sound clips...
First let me offer my apologies if the sound clips do not fully illuminate the difference in tone between the stock and Remus pipes very well - I did the best I could with the miserly equipment I had on hand. My process was to simply hold the mic in my hand and while recording, move it to various locations around the bike while revving the engine or letting it idle. This is what causes the loss in volume or increase in clarity throughout the recordings. I tried to duplicate the same test with both pipes, and did not alter the recordings in any way, other than to edit out unnatural microphone "pops."

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