New Member with 2006 R850R

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New Member with 2006 R850R

Post by DanH »

Hello from central Mexico on the shores of beautiful Lake Chapala. After a 5 year hiatus in riding, finally came across a mint 2006 R850R (they sell them here) with only 6K miles and freshly serviced and set up perfectly for me. Thought the bike might be a bit underpowered but beings as how I'm getting dangerously close to 70 and my wife is happy to see me slow down a bit and just tour, it is just fine. Plenty of pep and really smooth, I like that.

My last bike was the R1200RT which I didn't bring with me because I thought it was a bit heavy for the roads down here. I never got fully acclimated to it, always seemed a bit hard to handle when stopped or moving slowly. This roadster just felt perfect right from the get go.

Tough finding really nice used Beemers here and the new ones are so pricey you could buy a house instea

Anyway I've looked without success for a good on-line manual for this thing. A lot of people are happy to sell you crap that you find out later isn't even the correct book. I'd appreciate some suggestions as to where to look for the real books for this bike.

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Re: New Member with 2006 R850R

Post by Lucian_rider »

I've just purchased a non running 2005 model R850R and would love to get a manual as well!! Let me know if you find one and I will do the same...
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