Sanitizing a sweaty gi during working hours

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Sanitizing a sweaty gi during working hours

Postby MThomas » Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:08 am

My office gym is holding open mat grappling in the mornings, some days gi, some days nogi.
The nogi days are no problem, I can shove my nogi shirt and shorts in a plastic grocery bag and tie it up.
It's the gi days that are going to be an issue since the grappling gis are a heavy weight and take up a lot of room. Usually when I go gi (elsewhere) I'm not going to work immediately afterwards so I just hang the gi up on a clothesline outside the house and let it air itself out. Since there's no locker room that I can hang it up in it's going to be compressed all day so already I'm looking at a one-wash-per-use scenario.
What I'm wondering is if there's a powder, spray, or other solution that will keep it from stinking in my cubicle since it will have absorbed the body odor of everyone I would have rolled with that morning, anyone solved this scenario?

If I take the car in I can just hang the gi over the headrests on the car seats to air out, not an option on a bike though
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