In praise of bootmakers

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In praise of bootmakers

Postby garr2 » Wed Jun 24, 2015 7:30 am

I have learnt the hard way that buying cheap gear is a waste of time.
Quality gear costs and lasts, but sometimes needs repair or alteration.
I'm lucky enough to have an old school bootmaker within riding distance.
I rarely take a pair of shoes to him but he is always happy to repair/alter my riding gear.
Some of the jobs he has done for me are -
1) re-attached the gortex innner lining to the leather outer of my gloves.
2) resoled my favourite riding shoes.
3) re- attached the velcro strips on my jacket
4) replaced the elastic straps on a tankbag.
5) re-attached elastic straps to my Airhawk seat.
6) sewn felt pads onto the bottom of a large nylon cylinder bag so it wouldn't damage the paintwork on my system cases.

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