Hwy 34 Oregon coast to Hwy 20

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Hwy 34 Oregon coast to Hwy 20

Postby Orygun » Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:41 am

Have ridden this route a few times both West from Waldport on the Oregon coast to the junction of Hwy 34 and Hwy 20 just West of Philomath as well as East to West and it is a thoroughly enjoyable ride whether you like to push the corners (and this route has plenty) or just like to motor through the alternating shadows and sun drenched open areas.

Plenty of great pull outs to rest if you should need/want as well as plenty of great scenery if you enjoy the woods and back roads of Oregon.

Took a few movies (too large to post, may work on trimming some down to a manageable size to post) with the Sena Tube Camera.

Made the last run with my cousin from San Diego after the Eclipse on Monday 2017/08/21 and the traffic was so light it was nearly non-existent.

Took a couple of shots at a great stopping point, Blackberry Campground as we had stopped to take a break there on a previous trip. The campground 'hosts' came by and we talked for a bit and since the occupancy was light they took no issue with us temporarily 'occupying' a camp spot for a break.
The black reflective tape on my luggage (2004 BMW R1150RT) reacts well to light in low light/shadow conditions but is quite discreet in daylight.

Hate to be so ignorant but not exactly sure what the image that posted when I clicked on Img in the tool bar so hopefully upon review it is not something too embarrassing?

Thanks and God bless,

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