Perhaps The Wrong Board For This...

This forum houses topics related to other BMW bikes that dont have their own forum (s1000r, r9t, K1200R, F800, r1250r, GS, HP2, HP4, F, K bikes, etc), or upcoming machines

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Perhaps The Wrong Board For This...

Postby likiemikie » Mon Jun 24, 2013 9:45 am

but I will throw it out here and see. I am probably more interested in the RS than the R. I like the idea of from the factory upper-body protection, but think it is good that the mechanicals are still naked. But information specific to the RS is very limited. I do realise that it is in a lot of ways similar to the R/RT, but there must be some points of difference as well.

Are there any board members that have experience with the RS? I am particularly interested in dynamics. How does it ride, handle compared to the R? Susceptible to the same mechanical issues that pop-up in the R (surging/FD/clutch spines/QD's)? Any and all RS related info is appreciated....thank-you.


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Re: Perhaps The Wrong Board For This...

Postby omg1010 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:57 am

Hello Mike,

although I have never owned the RS (which one are you talking about - the R100RS? R1100RS? R1150RS?) but bearing in mind that the RS shares the same engine/drivetrain/mechanics with all the other models (just the plastic wrapping is different) it shares the same issues/weaknesses with the other models. Thats why for example the repair manual for the 1100 or 1150 models is the same for the R/RS/RT/GS ...

The difference of the RS as opposed to the R/GS is the fairing and better protection against the elements (although less than the RT model).


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