Caliper Rebuild & Advice From Cyclerob

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Caliper Rebuild & Advice From Cyclerob

Postby RadicalR1150R » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:36 pm

A pleasant conversation last evening with CycleRob in regards to rebuilding my Tokico front calipers.
Complete Tokico kits & the Honda dealer sourced inner "joint seals" ordered. Spiegler braided SS line kit from here in Michigan, & no extra charge for colored lines or fittings & free shipping too, and for good measure the "motion pro" piston tool..
If you've followed my previous "spin art" post your aware I'm getting an ever so slight spatter on the front rim. I either pushed the pistons in without cleaning them well enough [-X when installing new pads, or "stress damaged" the lines [-X when cleaning the pistons & or painting the caliper.

Rob is again correct in stating that unless this kind of brake work is done correctly, it will indeed take a bite out of your wallet & require more than just 1 free day in the garage.
Hey Rob, I forgot to mention that I no longer reload, I sold everything to help finance this & the other lessons I've been learning this season with my renewed interest in my 04 R1150R....
Stay tuned all. & PM me if ya need any Tokico brake rebuild part numbers.
Oh yeah...How do the lines remove from the fender(black clips)?

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