So, I Finally Got Back Brakes Fixed, But...

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So, I Finally Got Back Brakes Fixed, But...

Postby skylarmav1 » Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:19 pm

Major props to all who helped during my previous brake repair issue. While I finally ended up with sucess, after a quick bleed I broke off the beeder valve and long story short, had to order a used caliper off ebay for $45.00 that showed up in virtually perfect condition. NOW, I have put on a new Galfer steel line (from Pashnit-Tim's a good egg) with new pads and a new to me caliper. All is working but.... It seems that there is more play in the back brake pedal to get to the point where it catches. Once it does, all good and it is strong back brake. Is this a bleed issue (air in the line still) or a brake pedal adjustment issue.
As always, thanks for your help.

Two beautiful days in Central Pa. Two long rides, ahhhhh...


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