Replacing a clutch

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Replacing a clutch

Postby Soliton » Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:27 pm

Is my mechanic having a go?
R1150r 2001

I need a new clutch he quoted a clutch plate and a clutch housing in the parts. Motorworks in the UK have a clutch kit and it includes:
1 - Housing Cover
2 - Clutch Plate
3 - Pressure Plate
4 - Diaphragm Spring
5 -Assorted bolts

BUT NO Clutch housing. The housing is the most expensive bit.

Q1 - Is it normal to replace the clutch housing when replacing a clutch?
Q2 - Is it worth the extra expense to buy an oil resistant clutch plate?
Q3 - Some folk have an issue where the input shaft gets worn where it meets the clutch plate and it ratted. I have seen a plate which goes onto the clutch plate and makes the socket deeper to engage the shaft more solidly. What do folk think of it?
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